Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Today I have lots to be thankful for. This morning started with me getting a phone call from my somewhat frantic husband at 9:30 am informing me that I needed to hop in the car and head out to his 86 year old grandmother's house immediately. She had fallen this morning and apparently nobody could get into the house to get to her. I was the only other person with an original key. I should win awards for getting myself and my kids ready and out the door within a few minutes. Upon arrival, the ambulance was there and they had gotten inside. Apparently she managed to crawl to the door and let them in.

We then spent the entire day in the ER waiting to find out how serious this fall was. Thank the Lord it wasn't very serious. She did no damage, but they did find that she had a urinary track infection which needed to be treated. She is now resting comfortably in the hospital.

It was a long stressful day of miserable children, freezing cold hospital rooms, and worry. It could have been so much worse though, so I'm so, so thankful she's okay. Keep her and our family in your prayers over the next few days as we figure out what comes next for her.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Okay, I just had to post another somewhat freaky looking bug picture for you guys. What is it with me and bugs you ask? No idea! One would think that I actually like bugs or something! I really don't. I'm actually a bit bug phobic. But, I do love to take pictures and bugs are always in abundance and make great photographic subjects.

Back to my original thought which is....drum roll please...

Last week I posted a picture of this very strange bug on my hydrangea bush. After submitting the picture to a bug identification site, we later found out that it was a juvenile wheel bug. Well...this bug is apparently his daddy...or mommy, as the case may be. He was hanging out on the side of our pool.

Speaking of yuck, here's another one I found that very day on the side of our pool no less. It was very small, but due to its resemblance to a black widow I wasn't willing to take any chances. I squished it. He was right there out in plain sight where any of my kids could have brushed him, or her.

When I showed the picture to my husband he said he didn't think it was a black widow at all. Well, me being the know it all that I am, I did some research. It was a juvenile. There are actually several varieties and not all of them have the hourglass we expect. So, if you see a shiny black spider with red on it at all, squish it. There are even some varieties that are brown. Yeah, I'm not a fan of black widows.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ominous Skies!

Ever since the F4 tornado ripped through my town in April, I'm a bit leary of storms. There have just been so many bad tornadoes all over the country this year. We have had some nasty weather over the past few weeks here, but no tornadoes thank goodness. Here are a couple of pictures I took from my front porch this afternoon. Ominous skies!!

I was just waiting and watching to see a tornado drop out of the sky. It didn't, but the pictures really don't do it justice.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week in Review - Birthday Time!

I've been so busy with my supposedly relaxing summer that I haven't taken the time to post. I really intended to continue homeschooling over the summer, but it just hasn't happened. Between, vacation bible school, birthdays, doctor's appointments, play dates, and more, I just never seem to find the time. I'm hoping to get back into it this week.

Monday we had a follow up to discuss the results of some testing we had done with one of my twins. I found out that he does in fact have ADD, but that he's also incredibly gifted. No real surprises there.

Tuesday was spent trying to get all of the bows I was behind on finished and shipped out. Thankfully got them all done and was caught up for a day. More orders came in so I'm back to having quite a few orders to do.

Wednesday was Haley's 11th birthday. We spent the day doing things that she wanted to do. First we headed to Build a Bear at the mall where she spent the birthday money she received from her grandma on a new friend. She bought a cute little yorkie, along with clothes, a leash and a collar for her. Next we went out to lunch, then some window shopping followed by seeing the movie Rio. Lastly it was home for dinner and swimming in the pool.

Thursday was spent cleaning house and shopping for the supplies needed for her birthday party on Saturday. Can you believe I bought everything I needed except for the cake mix? Kind of an important and very necessary piece! Thankfully Glen was able to pick some up on his way home.

Friday was baking and decorating day! First I baked the cake which took 2 1/2 boxes of mix to make, then we made the sugar cookie dough for the dog bone shaped cookies she wanted, then made icing for the cake. Next was decorating the cake, followed by rolling out and baking the cookies. That evening was spent making the icing and finishing the sugar cookies. Here's her cake.

Saturday was spent getting the pool vacuumed and ready for the party, and finishing up the house cleaning. Haley's party started at 1:00 pm and she had 8 of her friends attend. Some of her friends brought little brothers, so my twins were thrilled to have someone to play with! We had about 12 children in all. After stuffing them with cake, ice cream, cookies, and chips, Haley opened presents followed by playing in the pool, trampoline and swing set. They all had a blast!

Late that afternoon a really bad storm blew through and knocked out our power for several hours. There were lots of trees blown down and damage everywhere. Thankfully, most everybody had already left before it hit. We were spared anything major, but in the next town over, the power was still out late the next day. It was a really fast moving, nasty storm!

How was your week?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...What is it?

***UPDATE***After submitting this photo to a bug identification site, we now know that it is an immature wheel bug. Apparently, it is one bad little a good way I guess.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Week in Review - Ramblings

Can I just say how much I don't like hot weather? I am more of a Spring and Fall kinda gal. This 90 degree weather is killing me! My poor air conditioner is running and running and never seems to manage to keep the house very cool. The only time it is finally able to catch up is overnight. Is it asking too much to keep the house 78? I really don't think so!

You know those adorable baby mockingbirds in my front yard that I posted about a few days ago? Well, they're dead. At least I assume they are since they are no where to be found and their nest is now destroyed and hanging sideways in the tree. I'm pretty sure I know what happened. Blame it on my daughter's evil cat, Charlie. Thankfully, I was spared from finding dead babies strewn about the yard. It breaks my heart though. Speaking of things that break my we were heading into town and saw a small box turtle in the middle of the road. Naturally, I turned around and went to save it. Just as I got out of the car and was waiting on the road to clear so I could get it, a guy decides to have some fun and run it over in front of us. He had to swerve about 2-3 feet into oncoming traffic to hit the little turtle. I had to watch that poor defenseless creature get run over right in front of me. My kids all saw it as well. What I want to know is why? Why are people so cruel and evil sometimes? It just makes me sick. This is why I no longer work with wildlife. Its heartbreaking to see what my fellow man does to creatures that God created just as sure as He created us. Thankfully, we came across another turtle on the same road and this time I was able to save it.

On the school front we've been taking a break from normal studies. We've finished our required 180 days, so we're just going to be finishing up some of the books over the Summer. I really like the idea of year round learning, but have problems putting the idea into practice. Its so much easier to sleep late, vegetate and spend our afternoons in the pool. I do have plans to work on grammar and writing with Haley, as well as math. We have some fun unit studies that we never seem to find the time to use as well.

Next week we have Vacation Bible School, the week after is Haley's birthday party and subsequent sleepover. Hard to believe she's turning 11. Next will be the boy's pirate party in July. Fun, fun fun!

I recently heard that our local school system is extending the Summer break this year in order to rebuild and repair the schools destroyed by the recent tornado. They will have an extra month almost, and won't be going back until early September. You should hear some of the comments my non-homeschooling moms are saying. They are freaking out. How sad that the thought of spending an extra month with their kids upsets them so. I love spending time with my kids. I choose to spend each and every day with my kids. Packing them off to school each and every day most of the year is just something I never want to do again. How is it that some moms can't stand the thought of an extra month? I just can't relate.

How was your week? How's your Summer going.