Friday, August 26, 2016

Online Homeschooling Resource

As my kids get older, I'm all about them learning things on their own.  Also, as a one income family, I'm also all about things that don't cost a small fortune.  I recently discovered a new homeschooling resource that covers both those bases.  Its called Schoolhouse Teachers.  Its from the folks at The Old Schoolhouse.  They have hundreds of online classes available for all ages.   Pre-K through high school and even classes for adults.  I showed the website to my 16 year old daughter and she even got excited by some of the classes offered.  The best part is that you can try out their site and see what you think for $1 for the first month.  Its just $12.95 per month after that.  Or, you can choose their buy one get one free deal and buy one year and get the second free.  That's awesome!

One thing I appreciate about the site is that its for your entire family.  You pay the fee and anybody and everybody in your home can learn.  They don't charge per child like so many sites do.  To me, this was a no brainer.  Check it out, you might find some classes that get your kids fired up about learning!