Friday, January 29, 2016

Awesome skit with such a powerful message!! Had to share this today!

I think all of us are guilty of doing what she does here. I know I am. We go through the motions of being a good Christian, but are we really being followers of Jesus? Are we really doing what Jesus would do? I say this prayer every single Sunday during Mass. At times I feel like its just another response that we've learned to say together at Mass. I thought the Lord's Prayer to my children when they were very young and we used to say it every night before bed along with a Hail Mary and a Glory Be. Why did I stop doing this? Why did I let life get in the way of those few precious minutes when I spent time showing my children that praying was important. Much more important that whatever is on TV, or on my Kindle, or the dishes, laundry, etc. I am making a vow here and now to change. To work on not only saying the Lord's Prayer with my family, but truly meaning it! Who's with me?