Thursday, July 31, 2014


I haven't written in a very long time. I've had so many thing going on in my life that I simply haven't taken the time. I wrote some time ago about my husband losing his job. Who knew what a whirlwind adventure it would lead us on. We tried very, very hard to stay put and find a new job there. It wasn't God's plan for my family. After many prayers and tears, we had to make the extremely tough decision to sell our home in Georgia and move to North Carolina. I am very partial to North Carolina. I lived in Charlotte for two years and was living here when Glen and I met. My brother moved just north of Charlotte about 8 years ago. My parents liked the area so well, they bought a house here to use as a vacation house. We have visited North Carolina many times over the past several years for most major holidays. I don't know if I've ever mentioned how closely my family is related or not, but my husband and I met at the wedding of his older sister to my older brother. We've been together ever since. That was 17 years ago this past June. God had a plan for us, and we simply had to take a leap of faith. My parents purchased a larger home in North Carolina in February, and we came up to help them move. The new house is almost twice the size of the previous vacation home. They live in Florida most of the year and only use the North Carolina house over the holidays for maybe three months out of the year. Someday they plan to live in North Carolina full time. On March 22nd, we packed up our house, loaded as much as we could on a huge Uhaul truck and drove to North Carolina. My parents were in town to help out on the North Carolina end, and we left our kids with them and drove back to Georgia to finish getting the house ready to list and to pack the remaining stuff. On April 7th, after a whirlwind few days, we drove away for the last time. I can't even begin to describe how hard it was to leave. I cried like a baby for the first half hour on the road. I will miss my house, for sure, but its the people I will miss the most. We have such good friends there. My church, our AHG and Trail Life troops, my homeschool group, my neighbors...I could go on, and on.
Since that day in early April, my life as changed so much. Although we live in a town where we have family close by, I have no friends, my kids have no friends, and we're just getting involved in our church and trying to find our way. Thankfully, after 14 long months, God blessed us with a new job. Glen doesn't have such a long commute anymore, and its a great company. We're looking forward to the new school year because it will allow us to meet some of the homeschoolers in our area and hopefully start to rebuild our life. In the meantime, God has been good. I'm living in a beautiful home in a great area, we've found a new church, been blessed with a new job, and hopefully, new friends will come along soon. Things are looking up.