Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Okay, I just had to post another somewhat freaky looking bug picture for you guys. What is it with me and bugs you ask? No idea! One would think that I actually like bugs or something! I really don't. I'm actually a bit bug phobic. But, I do love to take pictures and bugs are always in abundance and make great photographic subjects.

Back to my original thought which is....drum roll please...

Last week I posted a picture of this very strange bug on my hydrangea bush. After submitting the picture to a bug identification site, we later found out that it was a juvenile wheel bug. Well...this bug is apparently his daddy...or mommy, as the case may be. He was hanging out on the side of our pool.

Speaking of yuck, here's another one I found that very day on the side of our pool no less. It was very small, but due to its resemblance to a black widow I wasn't willing to take any chances. I squished it. He was right there out in plain sight where any of my kids could have brushed him, or her.

When I showed the picture to my husband he said he didn't think it was a black widow at all. Well, me being the know it all that I am, I did some research. It was a juvenile. There are actually several varieties and not all of them have the hourglass we expect. So, if you see a shiny black spider with red on it at all, squish it. There are even some varieties that are brown. Yeah, I'm not a fan of black widows.

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