Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week in Review - Birthday Time!

I've been so busy with my supposedly relaxing summer that I haven't taken the time to post. I really intended to continue homeschooling over the summer, but it just hasn't happened. Between, vacation bible school, birthdays, doctor's appointments, play dates, and more, I just never seem to find the time. I'm hoping to get back into it this week.

Monday we had a follow up to discuss the results of some testing we had done with one of my twins. I found out that he does in fact have ADD, but that he's also incredibly gifted. No real surprises there.

Tuesday was spent trying to get all of the bows I was behind on finished and shipped out. Thankfully got them all done and was caught up for a day. More orders came in so I'm back to having quite a few orders to do.

Wednesday was Haley's 11th birthday. We spent the day doing things that she wanted to do. First we headed to Build a Bear at the mall where she spent the birthday money she received from her grandma on a new friend. She bought a cute little yorkie, along with clothes, a leash and a collar for her. Next we went out to lunch, then some window shopping followed by seeing the movie Rio. Lastly it was home for dinner and swimming in the pool.

Thursday was spent cleaning house and shopping for the supplies needed for her birthday party on Saturday. Can you believe I bought everything I needed except for the cake mix? Kind of an important and very necessary piece! Thankfully Glen was able to pick some up on his way home.

Friday was baking and decorating day! First I baked the cake which took 2 1/2 boxes of mix to make, then we made the sugar cookie dough for the dog bone shaped cookies she wanted, then made icing for the cake. Next was decorating the cake, followed by rolling out and baking the cookies. That evening was spent making the icing and finishing the sugar cookies. Here's her cake.

Saturday was spent getting the pool vacuumed and ready for the party, and finishing up the house cleaning. Haley's party started at 1:00 pm and she had 8 of her friends attend. Some of her friends brought little brothers, so my twins were thrilled to have someone to play with! We had about 12 children in all. After stuffing them with cake, ice cream, cookies, and chips, Haley opened presents followed by playing in the pool, trampoline and swing set. They all had a blast!

Late that afternoon a really bad storm blew through and knocked out our power for several hours. There were lots of trees blown down and damage everywhere. Thankfully, most everybody had already left before it hit. We were spared anything major, but in the next town over, the power was still out late the next day. It was a really fast moving, nasty storm!

How was your week?

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