Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School...

Today is officially the big day for us...first day back to school, or not back to school, if you want to get technical.  I had grand plans to start two weeks ago, and we accomplished a few days before I just gave up.  To many distractions when nobody else is doing school.  At least by now most of our fellow homeschool friends are starting back as well.  That should help tremendously.  We still have the problem of the public schools being out until September.  I'm not cluing my children in to that fact though.  Most schools in the area have started back by now, but our county has been delayed due to the fact that the tornado that ripped through town in April just about completely destroyed two of our schools.  They had to delay the return to school to allow them enough time to rebuild.  I believe they start back just after Labor Day. 

So...we're now breaking for lunch and have only managed to cover 3 out of 10 workboxes scheduled for the day.  We're getting there...slowly but surely.  Wish us luck!!!

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