Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Mondays!

I find it so strange after hating Monday's for so many of my working out of the home years, that I now rather enjoy Monday after a busy weekend. We had so much to do this past weekend that I feel like we never got a moment to relax. My Sunday school class had their First Reconciliation on Saturday, then we had a shopping spree at Sam's Club for groceries, then home for chores, washing cars, and an evening spent with the kids. Sunday is always a blur of Sunday school, Mass, lunch at my husband's grandmother's house, visiting with her and doing some light housework there, and then finally home late in the day. We did install some really neat bookshelves for the twins, made from vinyl rain gutters. I got the idea from another blog and thought it would be perfect for their room. They turned out great, and the twins have been reading non stop since. Its amazing how much more interested they are in their books now that they can see them! You can get directions and see pictures of them here.

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