Friday, March 18, 2011

Geography Fair Fun!

We had such a great time with some of our fellow homeschool friends at our group's annual Geography Fair. We got to take a tour of approximately 10 different countries without traveling far from home. We learned some new things, ate lots of yummy food, and had a nice time with friends.

My children did their presentation on Germany. My father immigrated from there when he was a child. It was a great way for them to learn about our family's heritage. Here's our table.

Here's a picture without the kids blocking the display. We had lots of personal pictures such as the house in Berlin where my grandparents lived, pictures of my great grandfather and great uncle in uniform. Both were killed during or after the war. We also had some yummy spritz cookies for everyone to try, and several wooden pieces that came from Germany. Both of these pieces belonged to my grandmother.

We also had an Usborne book on World War 2, a German book so that everyone could learn some German words, and my grandfather's autobiography which was written after they immigrated.

Here are some of the other highlights of the fair.

All of the kids did an awesome job with their presentations! I can't wait until next year to do it again!!

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