Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top Ten Things I Must Get Done ASAP

 Okay, I know I've descended into the realm of those that never post.  But, I've been really busy.  We finally got finished with the play.  It all went well and I'll share photos as soon as we get them.  As soon as that was finished along came the added stress of the holidays.  So, with that in mind, here's my top ten list.

  1. Clean my house from top to bottom!!  With us being so busy lately, my house has suffered badly.  It is seriously gross.  
  2. Decorate the bare Christmas tree standing in my living room.  My hubby's idea of helping with the decorations is to get down the tree, put it together, stand it up in front of the window and say "there, I helped".  Voila...instant Christmas.  
  3. Get the decorations down from the attic and decorate the house for Christmas.
  4. Buy presents for Christmas.  As of today's date, I have exactly 4 presents purchased!!!  
  5. Bake a mountain of yummy treats to give to family and friends.  Oh, and for us to eat and gain like 50 pounds.
  6. Win the lottery...rob a bank...knock off an armored truck...something like that to fund Christmas present buying.  See number 4 above.
  7. With the extra money from lottery winnings/felony activity, hire maid to clean house.  See number 1 above.
  8. Since I'll probably have lots of money even after buying presents and hiring that maid, I can simply hire Martha Stewart to come to my house and do the decorating.  See numbers 2 & 3 above.
  9. With leftover money from lottery winnings/theft, hire Paula Dean to do all that holiday baking for me.  See number 5 above.
  10. Spend remaining money on a several week stay at a fat farm from all the cookies/fudge/pies/cakes, etc. that Paula Dean made.  Oh, and I guess I'll have to hire a nanny to watch the kids while I'm gone.
And there it is...my grand list of things I must do.  How are your holidays shaping up?  I don't know why I do this every year.  You'd think Christmas was some kind of a surprise or something?  As my mother likes to remind me, "it comes the same day every year".  Why on earth do I always wait until the absolute last minute to do things?  Yes, I'm a chronic procrastinator!!!  I admit it!  I need therapy or something to resolve this problem.  So, with that said I'm off to attempt to further educate my children, and then clean the above mentioned gross and disgusting house.  Maybe, just maybe I'll even find time to do some decorating while I'm at it.

For more great Top 10 posts, head on over to Oh Amanda's blog.  She has a great post featuring some awesome do it yourself projects.  Just what I need...more fun ideas to distract me from what I need to be doing.


  1. LOL Funny list. I love the last few items. ;-)

    Years ago, we gave up on the Norman Rockwell Christmas decorating picture. Brian gets the tree out of the attic, assembles it (though, this year, now that the kids are older, they did the majority of the assembly), puts on the lights and garland, then, goes and watches football.

    Then, the kids and I descend with the ornaments. I won't let them open the boxes because I collect Hallmark ornaments and I want the boxes to stay in good shape. So, I sit on the couch, open ornaments, and hand them off to the kids who have learned to do really good placement. (I used to have to go back and separate clusters of ornaments.)

    Then, we all sit down with some hot chocolate, egg nog, or, well, a Frosty (frozen hot chocolate! lol) and enjoy looking at the tree and listening to Christmas music. It works for us.

  2. You post made me laugh :) Men are not the type to decorate trees. I try to get mine to participate in it every year and sometimes he does, but it's just not his thing.

    Hope you get all caught up in your Christmas decorating, baking and gift buying. We still have a bunch of things to buy...but I decided to skip on the baking once again. People will finally be getting cards from us for a change so hopefully they'll be happy with that lol.