Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week in Review - I think I'm losing my mind!!

 Well, I'm probably not.  If that were possible, I'm sure it would have happened years when my twins were babies...with colic.  This was a busy week for us due to me trying to learn my lines, busy practices, busy kids, house work, school work, set building, re-opening my website, etc., etc., etc. 

Monday Haley had her choir class, and the boys and I went to Sam's to pick up catfood and something for dinner.  We decided on what my twins call "ferris wheel chicken".  You know the ones (rotisserie chickens actually) that are in the deli department.  They love to watch them go round and round.  Really exciting stuff, right?  Anyway, they like to eat them almost as much as they like to watch them at the store.  Then it was home for a quick dinner and off to practice.  This was our final week of regular practice before we start tech week.  I'm feeling VERY nervous!

Tuesday we stayed home doing schoolwork, housework, and doing my best to learn my lines.  That evening we were back at the theater for practice.  We spent some time reading How to Train Your Dragon, Book 1.  Its completely different from the  movie which my kids love.  Good book so far though.

Wednesday was more of the same, with me also trying to figure out my website and us going out to dinner.  I let my website stay down too long and had to re-enter everything.  Since I had to do all that, I went ahead and changed the entire thing.  Now it matches all of my business cards, bow cards, and bag labels.  It really wasn't too difficult, but it wouldn't look as good as it does without the help of my friend Kris who lives in Canada.  She's a whiz at stuff like that and helped me tweek it.  Thank you Kris!!

Thursday we got all of the basics done, with nothing particularly exciting due to my having to work on my lines.  I also worked on adding products to the website.  I still have tons and tons of things to get listed.  I haven't even started working on any of the Gymboree stuff.  This may take me forever...  We had practice until late trying to get ready for tech week.

Friday was again more of the same but with daddy getting home earlier and grilling dinner for us.  He also built a fire and the kids roasted marshmallows.  It much be a guy thing.  Whenever the weather gets cool, he feels the need to make a fire.  Yes, we have a real fire pit in the back of my yard.  Lovely, huh?  The kids enjoy it though.  I stayed up late reading my script and working on the website.

Saturday we most of the day at the theater helping to build the set.  We got lots done and I can't wait to see the finished product.  You should see the antique stove I get to pretend to cook on.  Its hilarious!  I've never seen anything like it.  I almost expected to open it and see a place to stack wood.  Seriously!  The kids also convinced daddy to make a leaf pile that morning so that they could jump in it.  Apparently its something they look forward to all year.  They have been watching the leaves fall and discussing when it would be time for the leaf pile for weeks now.  It still wasn't quite time since there are still lots of leaves on the tree, but he decided to make them happy and give them a small one to jump in.  What are daddy's for, right?  Now before you imagine him raking and raking, stop...he used a leaf blower.

Sorry for the boring no picture post, but my battery died and I didn't know it until I tried to use it to take pictures.  Please say a prayer for me as we go into tech week.  I need all the help I can get remembering all of my lines.  The show opens this coming Friday night.  YIKES!!!  Hope you guys had a great week.  Be sure to stop by Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see more Weekly Wrap Up posts.

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