Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Ten Must Have Gifts (according to my children)

So, you may have noticed that Christmas is upon us...and no, as usual, I'm not ready for it.  Why is it that every year I always wait until the last minute to buy gifts?  I always say that I'm going to start earlier next year, but low and behold, it never happens.  So, in the spirit of gift buying, I asked my kids to come up with their list of top ten must have's for this Christmas.  Here goes...

  1. Our Generation spotted horse (Haley's contribution obviously)
  2. Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime (Ryan's wish list)
  3. Lincoln Logs (both boys)
  4. American Girl Honey Pet Set (Haley again)
  5. Sideswipe Deluxe Class Transformer (Adam)
  6. Anything and everything from Justice (Haley)
  7. Webkins, Webkins and more Webkins (all three kids)
  8. Rock Tumbler (Ryan)
  9. The Fallen Transformer (Ryan)
  10. New blue fishing pole (Adam)
Okay, I could go on for days as they are now spouting out gift ideas without  pause.  But, I'll stop here.  Now to figure out where the money to buy all these absolutely MUST HAVE gifts is coming from.

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    1. This list cracked me up!! Very cute. Reminds me of my sis and I going through the Sears "Wishbook" catalog and racing to be the first to say, "I want that for Christmas!" My mom soon took the catalog away.

    2. Cute list. And I'm glad to see Lincoln Logs are still around! I had hours and hours of fun with those :)