Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week in Review

Yes, we survived! It seems that things always seem to get better after you reach the bottom. My bottom was Thursday it seems. Friday we had our annual back to school picnic with my homeschool group. I'm volunteering for way too many things this year, but nothing I can't handle. It was really nice to visit with some of the fellow homeschool families. Better yet was the fact that my husband, who absolutely HATES going to the picnics, actually had a good time. He spent the evening chatting with another dad that we know from church and other places. What a difference that made! I was able to relax and not feel pressured to hurry home.

We also managed to make it through our first week of school. I'm still working to get back in the groove, but so far, so good. Next week all of my homeschool group's activities start. In looking at my calendar for the rest of the month, it looks like it will be a very busy time. How was your week?

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