Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Story of the World vs. The Mystery of History

We have been using The Story of the World for several years and really like it overall. However, I keep hearing about The Mystery of History, and decided to take a look at it to see what it was about. One thing I did like was that I was able to purchase the Mystery of History audio book via immediate download one quarter at a time. At $8 each, they're also relatively inexpensive. If you are looking for a program that emphasizes biblical history, then you will love Mystery of History. However, having previously studied the very same time periods with Story of the World, I found the basic history to be much weaker. I enjoyed listening to the audio book, and feel that it would be awesome as a bible study, with a bit of non-biblical history thrown in. But, if you want a stronger non-biblical history program, I would highly recommend Story of the World. All in all, they are both very well rounded and well thought out products. I like them both, but don't feel that I would choose MOH over SOTW. I think SOTW is much more thorough and contains much more information.

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