Monday, April 5, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Review

Can I just say how much I enjoyed this movie? Having never read or even really heard of this book series, I went to this movie with absolutely no idea what it would be about. My daughter had her very first sleepover at a friends house, and the mom (a good friend of mine) suggested that the girls might enjoy going to see this moving the following day. I decided to take the twins and tag along. As a homeschooler, I now seriously doubt any of my children will EVER want to enter middle school. This movie is so funny, albeit somewhat gross in parts. My twins are just 6 and they laughed throughout the entire movie. Basically, its a lighthearted look at family life and the joys of middle school. As a bonus, one of my twins has decided that he now wants to read the book series. I'm not overly strict about movies in general, as long as they keep the language, topics, and nudity out of it, I'm good. This one didn't have anything in it to make me worry. In fact, I think we might have to purchase it on DVD when it's released.

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