Thursday, September 4, 2014

Days Gone By...

Some days I seriously miss the days of know the ones...the days that started with a cuddly kid climbing in bed with you to snuggle. Those sweet little arms wrapping around your neck and whispering "I love you mommy." These days my day generally starts with our seriously deaf dog pacing back and forth across the hardwood floor, whimpering to go outside like he has to go NOW! However, he's been let outside by my husband about an hour ago, so I know he's faking. The bad part is that I can't even yell at him BECAUSE HE CAN'T HEAR ME! If by some miracle one of my sons climbed in bed with me first thing in the morning, he'd probably have terrible morning breath and possibly stinky B.O. because he forgot to put on deodorant. Yep, the sweet smell of little kids are over at my house. I'm dealing with a teenage girl, and two pre-teen boys. Fun times indeed. I will never forget the day we were visiting a local museum a couple of year ago and walk into this enclosed tunnel area that showed glowing rocks. I'm standing there thinking that somebody had been through that really smelled BAD! Then, a few minutes later in the shark tooth digging area I smell it again. This is the lovely moment that I realize its coming from my sweet little twin boys. Yep, we had to have a lesson on hygiene and why deodorant was important right away. What fun! Gotta love boys! Of course, this is not to say that my pubescent daughter smells much better. I miss the days when life was simpler and my kids were younger. Anybody with me?

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