Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week in Review - Tornados up close and personal.

This week my town was hit with an F4 tornado. I'm still in shock. How do you move on and pretend that things are normal? I dream about it, I hear about it from everyone, and every time I leave my house I'm confronted with it. It breaks my heart! In addition to my town, just about every other town within 50 miles or so was hit with one or more tornados too. It started around 9:30 am and wasn't over until late that night. It was a day of stress, prayer, and thankfulness.

In the middle of all of the destruction, its wonderful to see a few things spared. Its also wonderful to see my community pull together and help their neighbors. So many are suffering, so many homes and businesses destroyed. I praise God that my family was spared!

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