Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Happy Homeschooler

I just love homeschooling. Its such a great fit for our family. In today's world of rushing here and rushing there, over scheduled children, and lack of quality family time, we've created a relaxed, fun, family oriented life. My kids get to learn at their own pace, they get one on one attention day in and day out. We're able to sleep later in the morning, stay up later at night, enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day, travel whenever we want rather than when the school systems deems its appropriate, and study math in PJ's with a furry friend in our lap.

We can go outside in the middle of the day to try out two different homemade bubble solutions after learning about bubbles and the science behind them.

We can watch videos to learn more about topics we're studying. We can spend endless hours at the library. We can sit at our dining room table and bird watch over lunch. We can take the day off and head out to our local aquarium for some hands on learning. We can go on field trips whenever we want. Most importantly, we can spend our days together. Learning through living our life. To me, there's simply nothing better!

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