Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy day, happy day!!!

We are so excited to find that we have bluebirds successfully nesting in one of our nest boxes again this year. Last year we had an awful experience with the house sparrows in our yard. We have 4 bluebird nest boxes located on the fence around our back yard. Every year the house sparrows take over most if not all of the nest boxes. Last year the bluebirds successful fought for and won one of the nest boxes. We were so excited when we found the eggs, only to be heart broken a few weeks later when we saw the house sparrows start attacking the bluebirds and then finding the newborn baby bluebirds killed and thrown on the ground below the nest box. The house sparrows then proceeded to move in and lay eggs of their own.

My husband and I removed the house sparrow nest immediately and evicted them from the box. Shortly after that the bluebirds took the house over again and once again laid eggs. I was prepared for them this time and had done extensive research on how to help them raise their family without the house sparrows attacking them. We installed a sparrow spooker on the nest box and prayed it would work. It did!! They raised three healthy baby bluebirds last year.

This year they somehow managed to move into one of the boxes without much of a fight from the sparrows. They were too busy fighting off the resident starlings who decided they wanted the middle box that the house sparrows were nesting in. We have house sparrows in 3 of the 4 boxes, but somehow the bluebirds got one box. Sunday we took out a ladder and flashlight to look in the nest box. There were 4 little bright blue eggs in the box. So out came the sparrow spooker again to keep the sparrows at bay. This year the bluebirds went back in the box without so much as a look at the spooker attached. Don't quite know why it works, but it does. So now we're all anxiously awaiting the birth of our new bluebird babies in the next few weeks. Please keep their safety in your prayers!!

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