Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week in Review - Groundhog Day Fun!

This year we decided to do something fun for Groundhog Day.  Instead of the usual boring groundhog stuff, we made a lapbook.  We started on Monday and spent a good part of our afternoon printing out and assembling our lapbooks.  On Tuesday we watched Puxatony Phil give his annual prediction and used that information to complete an activity in our lapbooks.  Yes, it was messy...3 young kids with many pages to be cut, colored, and pasted equals a big mess no matter how hard you try.  But, I think it was well worth it in that we have a really cool lapbook to refer back to to keep everything we learned fresh in our minds.  Here they are hard at work...

Since the boys have trouble spelling some of the longer words, and just don't have the ability to write out the long definitions and wording required for some of the activities, I used a writing program called StartWrite to type out copywork pages for them to complete which could then be added to the lapbooks.  

Do you want to hear the best part about the whole groundhog lapbook project?  It was free!  Unless you count all of the paper and ink we used that is.  All of the wonderful pieces that make up this really cool, well done lapbook may be found here.

If you haven't tried lapbooking before, I highly recommend it.  My kids really seem to enjoy taking a break for traditional learning and doing something different.  Lapbooking not only provides "something different" to do, but it them something tangible that they can see and hold.  These are so much fun to refer back to months or even years later.

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