Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Fishing Fun!

Well, its a nice, sunny, warm fall Saturday, so why not go fishing?  My husband would rather be fishing than just about anything else.  He is really seriously hoping that the kids will inherit his love and become his lifelong fishing buddies.  So far, out of our three children, only one of them shows any promise of being his fishing buddy.  Adam loves to go fishing with daddy.  He will stay as long as daddy does...happily.  The other two are bored within minutes.  Here are some of the pictures I took during this particular trip.

Ryan also started out fishing with them, but he gets bored and wanders off to look at rocks, plants, and basically just play in the mud.  He also had fun feeding tortilla chips to this friendly turtle that kept attacking the bobbers in the water.

Haley stays home with me and just pops in for a visit to see how things are going and bring lunch.  Adam really is a trooper.  He was with daddy the entire time which consisted of probably 6 hours or so.  Pretty good for a seven year old.  He even had the opportunity to come home with me and the other two.  He opted to stay with daddy.  Haley and I enjoyed watching the butterflies and finding pretty flowers to identify.


How was your weekend?

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