Friday, October 22, 2010

Week in Review - The One Where I Get Older.

Yep, its that glorious day we ladies look forward to all year long...the one where you wake up (after being allowed to sleep as late as you'd like) to well behaved, perfectly groomed children, to find that your husband has made you breakfast in bed, and bought you the (insert whatever you've been dreaming of) you have been wanting forever.  You guessed it...its my birthday.  Now, do you have that perfect image in your head?  Okay, then imagine something completely opposite and you'll probably come closer to what m birthday is typically like.  I woke up at 6:00 am to my garage door going down, which startles me because I'm sound asleep and the garage is directly under our bedroom.  I jump out of bed to make sure its my hubby.  Apparently he was so preoccupied with finding a place to hide my card and the cookie cake he bought me that he forgot to shut our garage door and it was open all night.  Considering that we had a recent break in further back in our neighborhood, it worries me and I can't go back to sleep for quite some time.

The next time I wake up its about  7:30 am and two little freezing cold hands are wrapping themselves around my neck to wish me happy birthday.  This cute little fuzzy blonde boy (he's fuzzy because I don't have my contacts in yet) is asking if I've found the card he made me and stuck under my pillow the night before.  Yep, I found it all right, but since he didn't add his name to the card, I hadn't known which of the boys it was from.  Its a bright green piece of construction paper folded in half with the words "I" then a heart, and "U" written inside.  After a birthday hug from Ryan, he runs off but is soon replaced by his sister who crawls in on daddy's side of the bed.  She plasters her little frozen body spoon style to my back.  Nothing like freezing hands and feet to get your blood flowing in the morning, huh?  She proceeds to sing the happy birthday song to me while I'm trying my best to go back to sleep.  Just as I'm starting to doze off, along comes Adam.  He wants to know how to spell happy.  I tell him and he quickly runs off.  As I start to doze again, he's back and wants to know how to spell mommy.  I tell him that and decide there's no point in trying to sleep at this point.  Ryan has discovered the cookie cake in the kitchen and is practically drooling wanting to know when I'm going to cut it so he can have a piece. So yes, I was a bad mommy and let my children eat cookie cake for breakfast.

 Adam then presented his card to me.  He had apparently tried to do the card himself and had misspelled the words.  Rather than start over, he just marked them out and wrote above them.  He did this multiple times, so the whole card has lots of scribbles all over it. Too cute!

Lastly, Haley presented me with her card which she informed me took her forever to make.  You just have love her ingenuity.  Who would have thought of using googly eyes to make letters?  Isn't this cute?

Sorry I can't share Ryan's card, but he wrote the words in pencil and it just wouldn't show up well enough to post.  So, now that I've had my piece of cookie cake and am enjoying my morning cup of coffee, I'll share the rest of our week.

Monday we drove home from North Carolina.  Six hour ride with How to Train Your Dragon playing the entire time.  Over and over and over.  I really like the movie and all but I probably have it memorized by now.  Tuesday was spent tackling the mountain of laundry and trying to get our house clean again.  No easy task!  Wednesday was more of the same, and dinner out with my in-laws. Thursday was our monthly Nature Club meeting, but I posted about that yesterday.  Lastly, today is Friday and of course, I've already told you all about today so far.  We have a field trip scheduled to a local corn maze with our homeschool group.  Tonight I'm supposed to be going out to dinner with some of my girl friends.  Daddy is staying home to babysit.  Woo hoo!

In case you noticed, we decided to take our Fall break this week since some of the local schools were doing so and we were out of town on Monday anyway.  Before I go off to enjoy the rest of my day, here are some interesting facts from the year I was born...

The average income was $8,547.  Can you imagine???
A loaf of bread cost just $.23.  Good luck finding anything for that these days!
A gallon of gas was just $.35.  I wish!
You could buy a new house for around $15,500, and a new car for $3,300.  Hard to imagine.

Yep, you guessed it...I'm old!!  Hope you had a wonderful week, I know we did.  For more Weekly Wrap Up posts be sure to stop by See Jamie Blog.  Kris is away at a blogging conference, so Jamie has graciously agreed to host the wrap up for her.  Thanks Jamie!

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