Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week in Review from North Carolina

The reason I haven't posted in several days is because I'm not home.  The kids and I decided to take an impromptu trip to North Carolina to visit my parents, my brother and his family.  My parents live in Florida, but they also have a small house in Salisbury, North Carolina near where my brother lives.  They drove up from Florida on Thursday, and we decided to drive up rather spontaneously on Friday morning.  Its just the kids and I since daddy had to work.  So, since I posted some of the learning things we did this week already, I'll share some of the pictures I took yesterday at a park that had a nice pond with HUGE fish and turtles to feed.  This park is actually located in a nearby town called Granite Quarry. 

Here's Grandma and the kids feeding the turtles and the huge fish, which are carp.  They have to be close to two feet long.  They sell handfuls of fish food for $.25, so they are really well fed.

The boys had fun playing on the play pirate ship at the park.  They decided that they liked the park right down the street from my parents house better.  It has swings and monkey bars!   Go figure...

The pond also had one sad, lonely mallard duck.  

The turtles were so cute.  I'm used to turtles that disappear as soon as you spot them.  These guys would sit right there and wait for you to feed them.  Obviously, they've gotten spoiled by all the fish food people throw in to feed the carp.  We watched these two turtles forever.  I kinda figure it was a boy and a girl.  The smaller one was most likely the boy because he was trying so hard to impress her.  She ignored him completely.

The kids have had such a nice weekend, but tomorrow we have to head home.  Haley will miss her choir class, but I can't miss play practice tomorrow night.  Not looking forward to the six hour drive home, but it was worth coming for the visit.  Nothing like a little Grandma time!

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! Those impromptu trips are the best.

  2. Wow I am originally from Salisbury, Nc! Its great! Looks like you guys had a total blast!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Great turtle photos!
    Janet W