Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Photos...

Today I've been trying to go through all of the clothes that my kids have outgrown and decide what it worthy of being sold on Ebay, sold at a yard sale, or donated.  I sold a bunch of the boy's things last year,  but still have a ton left.  In going through picture on my computer trying to locate the long lost photos I took of said clothing, I ran across so many pictures that were simply too cute not to share.  Enjoy...

 Yep, caught them red handed!  This basket held all their diapers and the box of wipes.  They loved to take them out through them everywhere and then get in and play.  Aren't they cute?  They were one in this picture.

 Adam is about 4 years old in both of these pictures.  I think Haley must have taken both of them.  Too funny!

Who says boys can't wear bows?  I think Ryan looks so cute with his bow.  He liked it because it was red which is his favorite color.  He was four here, and somehow I don't think he'd pose for me now with a bow on his head.

Ryan riding his cow.  Giddy up moo cow!

Cow girl Haley, age 4 riding her horse.  

Nothing like a little cat nap!

Amazing what you find in junk drawers, isn't it?

Am I cute or what?

The terrible twosome cute in the act of destruction!  Boy Ryan looks guilty.

You've seen all the family fishing photos...this is how it started.

We start reading early at our house!

Caught in the act yet again...

Haley at the beginning of her bow modeling for mommy career.

Come on Haley...let me lick your face!!!  I promise not to slobber too much.

Haley showing off her extreme sense of fashion.

Ryan striking a pose.  Love the boots! police time!  I think Adam likes her shoes.
Oh the things you do for your big sister...poor Adam.

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane as much as I did.  Its amazing how many photos I have stored on my computer.  I really need to get them printed and stuck in albums where we can enjoy them.

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  1. Love the photos!!! Too cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!!