Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week in Review - Vegetating is good...right?

Yep, we did some vegetating this week...

Monday was a good day...Haley had her choir class, we got all of our school work completed, no major problems unless you count me falling off a curb, twisting my ankle, badly bruising my knee and embarrassing myself a problem.  In our continuing study of Africa, specifically Egypt, we watched Mystery of the Sphinx and learned all about its origin, how long it took to make it and who might have made it.  Very cool!

Tuesday also went well.  I managed to limp my way to the used book store and found lots of great curriculum to add to our ever growing collection.  We also started our study of explorers using Homeschool in the Woods New World Explorers.  We have a little over a month to study explorers before we get to visit a full size replica of the Nina.  We're all super excited and I felt the unit study would make it more meaningful for us. Look at all the activities in this unit study.

Examples of unit study projects.

Wednesday started out fine, but ended with a bang.  You can check out my post about that earlier this week.  After my little trip to the emergency room, I wasn't feeling quite up to speed for the rest of the week.

Thursday was spent vegetating in bed or on the couch with the kids.  We read books about Ancient Egypt, watched some educational videos, and basically had a light school day since I wasn't feeling well.

Friday after we finished our school work, we went to a local park that I'd never been to before.  My homeschool group has a standing park date every Friday in the afternoon.  Its a great opportunity for the kids to run off some energy with their friends, but its also a chance for us moms to visit and have some grown up time.  Its a great way to end the week.  Later that evening, my hubby grilled hamburgers and we had a family game night playing Apples to Apples Junior.  This game has quickly become a favorite.  The kids really have fun arguing their point of view about why they think their card should win. If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it.  Its great for reading and learning word meanings, but the kids have no idea its educational.  Always a plus in my book!

So, although we didn't get out much and didn't feel great, we still had a pretty good week, learned lots and found a great source for instant educational movies, Netflix.  I had no idea they had so many educational films.  We could literally spend days watching all of the IMAX movies!  How was your week?

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