Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week in Review - Family Reunion 2010

Each year over the Labor Day weekend, my family has a family reunion. We all congregate at my parent's house for a long weekend. My mother is the oldest of a family of 8 children, so its a huge reunion. Here is my mother (left), her 3 brothers, 4 sisters and my grandmother. My grandfather died in 1997.

My grandmother also celebrates her birthday during this weekend. This year was her 85th. I get to see all of my extended family, and have a nice visit. Yesterday we spent the afternoon riding jet skis, playing card games, swimming, fishing and eating. We now have 3 generations of family, and more on the way. All 7 of my aunts and uncles come, along with most all of my cousins and their families. Its always a busy but fun time for us all. The final count was 36 people this year, with one on the way. Yes, my kids are the bathing suit kids up front. They were drug out of the water for the picture.

Next week will be more relaxing with time for shopping and swimming in the pool. My kids absolutely love coming to grandmas for a visit, and we're blessed that homeschooling allows us time to stay longer than just the weekend. My kids will leave having had a wonderful time and been spoiled absolutely rotten.

This is how my family always spends Labor Day. How do you spend yours?

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