Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Ten Favorite Curriculum Sources

Here's a list of my top ten favorite places to find curriculum or teaching ideas:

  1. Teacher File Box.  You can find a worksheet, lesson plan or project for just about anything and everything you could possibly imagine.
  2. Rainbow Resource Center.  They carry everything and anything to do with homeschooling.  The prices are also very reasonable.  You can shop online, at your local curriculum fair, or have them ship you their massive catalog.
  3. Pandia Press.  These are the people that bring you History Odyssey and R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey.  They offer try before you downloads on most all of their products.  Its a great way to try out some of these awesome products.
  4. Homeschool Creations.  This is a blog where she shares teaching tips and ideas.  I absolutely love her worksheets and printables!  We use tons of them for our geography studies.
  5. Currclick.  This is an e-book/instant download meca.  They carry books on just about every subject from hundreds of suppliers.  You can browse the titles, and then instantly download your product.
  6. Donna Young's Website.  If your looking for homeschooling help of any kind, be it a form, a worksheet, or something else all together, you'll most likely find it here.
  7. Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.  This was the blog that inspired me to start my blog.  She posts reviews of products, homeschooling ideas and so much more. 
  8. McKays Used Books.  This is my local used book store.  I could literally spend years browsing through all of the homeschool curriculum that they carry.  You never know what your going to find.
  9. My local library.  If you're not already using this resource, you really should.  What I especially like is that I have access to my entire state's library system.  I can browse online and have books sent to my library.  We go to the library just about weekly and always have tons of books checked out.
  10. Ebay.  If you know what your looking for, Ebay can be an excellent source for used curriculum.  Just be sure to read the seller's feedback and make sure you're buying from a reputable seller.
I hope you've found some sites that you may like in my top ten list.  For more great top ten lists visit Oh Amanda's blog and check out all the entries!

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