Monday, September 27, 2010


Need I say more?  Its raining here and has been since yesterday.  Don't get me wrong, we really need the rain but...I could go for a little sunshine right now.  I woke up this morning with a migraine that just won't go away.  My kids have complained about each and every thing we've done today with the exception of breakfast and lunch.  My house is a mess, and I have no time to clean it.  There...I feel better.  Venting always makes me feel better.  Does that work for you too?

So, we have a super busy week scheduled.  Today we're still in the process of doing our school work, then we have Haley's choir class, followed by a quick dinner and then play rehearsal for hubby and I tonight.  The boys are supposed to have a cub scout meeting, but since I can't be in two places at once, they're going to have to miss it.  Tuesday we have school in the morning, followed by a field trip to a local Coca Cola bottling plant.  Then its another quick dinner and off to play practice again.   Haley is supposed to have a Girl Scout meeting, but not sure if she can go.  I really need to look into cloning!  Wednesday we have an appointment at the crack of dawn (literally) for Ryan with a pediatric opthamalogist to hopefully find out what's going on with his vision.  Then we'll be home for schoolwork and dinner with my husband's grandmother.  Thursday we have yet another field trip to see a puppet show of The Little Mermaid, along with schoolwork, another quick dinner and back to play practice (why did we agree to do this again?).  Friday we have schoolwork then wrapping up our week with my homeschool group at our weekly park date.  This week we're heading up to a park on top of one of the local mountains.  Its supposed to be a really nice park but we've never been.  Friday night daddy will come home earlier and cook dinner  (my hubby aka The Grillmaster). Then we'll have a family night either watching a movie or playing a game. Saturday we'll be busy with household chores both in and out, preparing our Sunday school lesson for the next morning, making sure everyone has clean clothes to wear, etc.

So, note to self...stop scheduling so many activities so you have time to clean the house.  Also, look into that cloning business.  Maybe I can clone myself twice so I have someone to stay home and clean while we're out and about with all our various activities.  Now we're talking!!!

What does your week look like?

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