Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lapbooking with Live & Learn Press

Lately, I've been trying out lapbooking with the kids. We have been studying science using Apologia's Zoology 1, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. I started out by simply reading from the text, and then a couple of days later reviewing what we had read. The kids simply weren't retaining what we read. So...I decided some hands on learning was needed. After looking around and seeing a link in a homeschool chat group I'm in, I found my way to Live & Learn Press.

I purchased the lapbook that went along with the Apologia book we're using. We then proceeded to make a lapbook to go with the first few lessons. I did leave out a few items, and also added in a few others that I found online and in my Apologia Notebook. But, the kids really enjoyed making the books, like to look back through them, and really seem to retain what we learned. Mission accomplished!

Although lapbooking is time consuming, and requires lots of printing, cutting, pasting, folding, and writing, I do feel its well worth it. Live and Learn Press has layout suggestions for you, along with complete instructions for each step of the way. The graphics used are bright, colorful, and engaging for the kids.

Because I'm working with two seven year olds who don't particularly like to write, we do a lot of copywork when lapbooking. One of my boys really dislikes coloring, so having the graphics all colored and ready to go is a real asset.

My daughter, who's 10, is able to do the same work as the boys, but she can look up the answers on her own using the textbook.

Live and Learn Press offers lapbooks for all of the Apologia science texts. The price for either an e-book which can be downloaded immediately, or a CD, is $25. They also offer lots of other lapbooking products in a range of different subjects. If you haven't tried lapbooking before, you might want to give it a try!

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