Monday, August 30, 2010

You know you're a homeschooler when...

You know you're officially a homeschooler when just about anything and everything can be turned into a learning experience.

If your daughter sees blood and instead of crying thinks, "I wonder what blood looks like under the microscope", you must be a homeschooler.

If you find your cat trying to eat a frog in your driveway and rescue it so that you can study it, identify it, and finally set it free, you must be a homeschooler.

If examining various insects that make their homes around your house seems facinating, you must be a homeschooler.

If your children pick up every rock, stick, bug, flower, seed, etc., and want to have it identified, you must be a homeschooler.

If spending hours at libraries and used book stores is your idea of fun, you must be a homeschooler.

Yep, we're homeschoolers! This week so far, we've worked on fractions, measuring skills, as well as following directions by baking banana bread. We also had an impromptu lesson on katydids when one somehow found its way into the house. Imagine laying in bed at night and hearing it chirping from inside instead of out! Then picture my husband and I searching the house at midnight for the seemingly non-existent perpetrator. Good times! The noises it made were so loud that I thought for sure it was a cicada. Nope, a katydid. Found it this morning perched on the tile backsplash in our kitchen. Nothing like chasing a very large, bright green flying insect to get your juices flowing in the morning. I'm pleased to report that he (or she) was safely relocated outside. No harm done.

Yep, we're homeschoolers alright. From the giant spider out front, to the small alligator snapping turtle we rescued out of the street this week using a McDonald's happy meal box, learning is everywhere!

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