Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fishing Trip

Have I mentioned how much my husband loves to fish? He's doing his absolute best to pass on that love to the twins. They enjoy it for a bit, then they get bored. He used to go on an annual fishing trip with his grandfather. Following his death in 2000, he no longer had his fishing buddy. So, this weekend he finally went on his long missed fishing trip to Florida. He drove down after work on Friday with 3 of his co-workers. They went out on a party boat on Saturday. He came home Sunday afternoon worn out and somewhat sunburned, but thrilled overall. He caught a bunch of fish, including this whopper of a grouper.

Of course, he just had to drag the thing home with him. He'll be eating grouper for months to come. I personally don't want to eat anything that isn't breaded and comes in a plastic bag. Having seen this thing in all its glory, I certainly don't want to eat it. Only one of the kids would even try it. Adam said it was okay but he didn't want any.

I'm glad he had a successful trip, but I'm also glad he's home. I have been sick all week and being left home with three kids while trying to recover from a nasty virus is NOT fun!

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