Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week in Review

Not too much going on here as we're enjoying a nice Summer break. Its nice to be able to refresh and revive before jumping back in to school again. We will be starting back on a light schedule in another week. In the past we've always taken a normal Summer break, but is so hard to get back in "school mode" after 2 months off that I'm going to try doing a more year round schedule this year.

We did some birthday shopping for the kids on Monday with my step mother in law, followed by lunch at Dairy Queen. This was the first time that I had ever eaten there. Sad, seeing that I'm 40.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent being lazy at home. Sleeping late, getting caught up on house work, swimming, watching it rain...I'm starting to feel like we've been transplanted to Florida or something. These afternoon thunderstorms are getting old! My garden is enjoying the water though.

Thursday we went on a walking tour of our town. It was super hot and humid, but we learned lots of interesting history. For instance, I just discovered that Dolly Parton was married here in 1966. Who knew? After the tour we had lunch with a fellow homeschooler and the author of one of my all time favorite blogs. You can check her out here.

Friday I had a nice relaxing mom's day out with some of my other homeschooling friends. We went shopping and had lunch at Olive Garden. YUM! It was so nice to be able to go into shops with lots of breakable things and not have to be saying "don't touch that", "put that down" and "no" every five seconds. My kids had a great day too, playing with their friends.

Lastly, I'll share a picture of our newest resident. She came home yesterday. We've been waiting for her to be old enough since the day she was born! My neighbor's cat had 4 kittens on the day they left town for several days. I was on kitty duty at the time. So, we had the honor of meeting the new arrivals on the day they were born, and kitten sitting until their owners returned. We've also been able to watch them grow each week and to kitten sit on several weekends recently. Anyway, she came home yesterday and we're all in love with her! We've named her Anabel which is a form of Amabel which according to my baby book means loveable in Latin. I think its fitting.

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