Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday parties...what fun!

Yes, its that time again. My daughter's 10th birthday is fast approaching and we've barely begun to plan it. Why is it that I always procrastinate until the very last minute before finally getting around to planning? Maybe its not a bad thing since she tends to change her mind about the theme of the party frequently. I think we've finally settled on a puppy/dog theme. She wanted to do a Hannah Montana theme, but seeing as I'm not 100% behind the whole Hannah Montana craze, I talked her out of it. I don't mind if she wants to have a few of her songs (with my prior review and approval) on her ipod, but I certainly don't want her making Hannah her role model for her life or anything.

So today we're hopefully making a trek to the party supply store and purchasing invitations, plates, cups, napkins, etc. I suppose we also need to order a cake topper of some sort. I'm making her cake this year and it will indeed be a labor intensive, multi day event. Its something I'm really interested in though, so I enjoy it. Besides, I think my kids enjoy me making something special just for them. Her party will mainly be a glorified play date with cake and ice cream. What does your family do for birthdays?

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