Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Audio Book Learning

Audio books! I'm amazed at how well my kids listen when I pop an audio book in the CD player. We've recently started looking for more lessons available in an MP3 downloadable version in order to take advantage of all the "wasted" time we spend daily going from place to place. Rather than me reading a history lesson, I can download it, burn it on a CD and then play the lessons while I drive. We don't just use this for lessons though, we've also found a wealth of great audio books available through our local library. We recently borrowed the Adventures of Brer Rabbit and my kids were enthralled! Not only are they quiet and well behaved in the car, but their learning too. Give it a try and I'm sure your kids will enjoy it too! Its a great way to squeeze in some additional learning and great literature into your already busy day.

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