Thursday, March 4, 2010


I know that this year isn't even done, but I tend to do my curriculum planning in late winter/early spring. (This just happens to correspond to when we get our tax refund & I have money to spend.) Next year I'm making some changes...again. For those who know me, you'll know that this is not uncommon. Let's face it, there are just so many awesome products out there, and so many choices! I get bored easily. This is the lineup so far.

The twins - 2nd grade

Saxon Math 2 - No changes here. I knocked around the idea of changing back to Math U See, but finally decided to leave it alone. Saxon just seems more through to me and the boys are doing great with math.

Explode the Code - We will be finishing up Book 2 by the end of this school year, and will continue using this program. Both boys are now reading really well.

Easy Grammar 2 - I purchased this book when Haley was in 2nd grade and it seems to have done the job.

All About Spelling - This will be new for us. We've been using A Reason for Spelling Level A this year, but just haven't enjoyed it. I'm looking for something a bit different this time around, and this one comes highly recommended. I'll post a review once we've used it more.

The Story of the World Book 1 - We will be continuing with this book, and will hopefully finish it by the end of the school year.

I Can Do All Things Art - This was another purchase made when Haley was in 2nd grade. We haven't used it at all really. My plan is to set aside one day each week to do art.

R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey, Earth & Space Level 1 - We have been using Living Learning Books and unit studies for science up until now. I'm hoping this program will be a bit more in depth. Also, we haven't studied earth and space extensively yet.

Power Glide Spanish - This is one of the items that tends to get left out each week if we get too busy. I intend to make it a weekly must.

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